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The world is a stage and CBD has found its audience…

With a continuing rise in popularity, (clearly evident in retail sales figures) encouraged by ease of access, an arsenal of products, and an estimated (U.S) market value in excess of $2 000 000 000, (oh yes there are 9 zero’s!)(representing an almost 700% rise since 2016), the pharmaceutical industry, general-physicians, their patients as well as other health professionals, seemingly see a bright future, in Cannabidiol.

No longer thought of as just another passing trend, or ‘by-product’ of its infamous counterpart THC, CBD (non-psychoactive) has evolved and emerged as THE alternative to conventional health related products.

B y now, there is no doubt that you would have seen or heard of Cannabidiol, better known as CBD.

CBD is a compound derived (using various extraction methods) from the Cannabis Hemp plant, that naturally contains a host of potentially medically useful chemical substances, that have an affinity towards the endocannabinoid system that triggers and modulates areas around the entire body. CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning you will not experience the psychoactive effects associated with full spectrum cannabis tinctures that contain a high amount of THC. Pure CBD oils and isolate contain less than .3% THC. CBD Cannabis hemp plants are specifically cultivated for their high content of CBD, that counteracts the effects of thc.

Clinical trials for the treatment of many health and well-being associated ailments, such as stress and muscle stiffness or spasticity, as well as chronic medical conditions relating to pain management and neurodegenerative diseases (2), has seen an even greater need for high quality products and evidence-based guidelines, not pseudoscience, about the biological plausibility and value of this natural product.

Systematic reviews of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) have demonstrated a significant analgesic effect (≥30% reduction) with the use of cannabis preparations in as little as 2 weeks, for relieving pain in patient with malignant diseases. Cannabinoids may contribute to anti-tumour effects, induction of cell death and inhibition of cell growth, including inhibition of tumour angiogenesis. CBD may also enhance the uptake of cytotoxic drugs into various malignant cells.

Naturally, derived CBD Isolate has indeed ‘found’ its audience, not only in the medical fraternity, but also in everyday households with every day people. The benefits derived from CBD are versatile due to its broad-spectrum use, and mostly because that “broad spectrum” includes EVERYONE. CBD is not restricted to medicinal use, but has been incorporated into general health & lifestyle products, that enhance and support general well-being.

Although cannabis hemp oil is effective on its own, infusing cannabidiol with naturally fragranced carrier oils that are directly applied, by means of topical lotions and other similar beauty products; without any synthetic add-ons or potentially harmful side effects, is proving to be a popular alternative for those who choose to be conscious of the ingredients in their products. CBD is natural, organic, tried, tested and trusted, to enhance and support your every-day health.

Written By MaritzaJay

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