Best and Simple ways to Consume Hemp Flowers

Many people don’t really know the difference between cannabis and hemp plants. Some of them use hemp and cannabis interchangeably. However, both are quite different from one another. However, that is a discussion for some other day.

Today, we will be focusing on hemp flowers. They are derived from female hemp plants, also referred to as the Cannabis Sativa L. The hemp plant is very popular among the masses because the seeds are a rich source of essential amino acids and protein. The fibrous stalk could be used for clothing, biodiesel fuel, soapmaking, or cooking.

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Hemp flowers have unique uses. They are known to contain high concentrations of cannabidiol, flavonoids, and terpenes. They look quite similar to marijuana buds; however, their properties are very different. Hemp flowers are often called CBD buds, hemp buds, or CBD flowers. It is because they contain high amounts of cannabidiol (CBD).

Why Consume Hemp Flower?

The market is filled with a variety of CBD products. However, several companies selling CBD aren’t a “full-spectrum” product, which includes all the compounds that are found in the hemp plant, instead of just CBD. Many people say that consuming the hemp flower helps in boosting the overall sense of well-being because it offers all the compounds that a hemp flower has to offer.

Best Ways to Consume Hemp Flower

There are many ways to consume hemp flower, but all of them may not be the safest. CBD, which is present in abundance in hemp flower, is an antipsychotic substance. Therefore, people can handle it well, even when administered in high doses. However, using the wrong consumption techniques could reduce the effectiveness of the bud and also result in health-related problems.

Therefore, today we will be looking at some of the methods that you could use to consume hemp flower safely in order to derive the maximum of its benefits. Let’s check them out.

1. Tea

Consuming hemp flower in the form of a tea is extremely safe. Well, you do run the risk of burning your tongue, so you have to be patient while drinking it. It may not be very efficient because cannabinoids are known to be fat-soluble. If you wish to increase the absorption rates, you may want to add some amount of coconut oil to your tea.

You will need the best bud to prepare an excellent cup of tea. Try buying hemp flowers at Industrialhempfarms to get hold of the best quality product.

2. Extractions/Edibles

There are several ways in which you could get essential oils from hemp buds. You would need a carrier oil, like olive or coconut oil for this purpose. Once you infuse hemp into the carrier oil, you will have a hemp-infused oil that is perfect for cooking or baking hemp-infused edibles. It is incredibly safe to consume hemp-infused edibles because you do not have to inhale anything.

3. Dry Herb Vaping

With the help of a dry herb vaporizer, you will be able to consume hemp flower safely. You have to heat the flower at a set temperature that is hot enough to allow the essential oil to vaporize, but not too hot to burn it.

As there won’t be any combustion, there will be no harmful chemicals. The only word of caution is that the hot vapour could disrupt the tiny sacs present in your lungs. However, it hasn’t been proven in any study.

4. Distillate Vaping

Many vendors selling hemp flower also sell hemp distillate in cartridges that could be used in vape pens. A distillate is known to contain all the hemp flower extract with zero additives. When you inhale it using your vape pen, you will have pure hemp bud extract. It is a pretty safe method of hemp flower consumption.

5. Dabbing

It is known to be another popular method of vaporizing. Instead of using a vape pen or vaporizer, you will be using a dab rig. It looks quite similar to a bong. Dabbing allows you to consume pure hemp flower extract.

6. Smoking through Pipe/Bong

There can be some harmful effects of smoking through a pipe or bong. As the plant material has to go through high temperatures of the flame, there will be combustion. It will ultimately release several toxic chemicals, some of them are cancer-causing carcinogens, such as carbon monoxide.

However, it won’t be the same as tobacco smoke. It is essential to note that no scientific link has been found between lung cancer and cannabis smoke. The only issue appears to be reversible lung damage.

7. Joints

Lastly, you could roll hemp flower in a joint. It is slightly more harmful than a pipe or bong because you will be inhaling burned rolling paper as well.

Closing Thoughts

Hemp flower is an incredible CBD product. However, it is essential to know the right way to consume it in order to get maximum benefits out of it.

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