Best CBD oil home based business

Many people from all over the world have adopted the Internet to use as a platform to make money from home. With the fast-paced growth of the newly established cannabis market and consider infusing the Internet and cannabis together, living your dreams of financial freedom is not pie in the sky.

My name is Danny Brooks and I would like to introduce you to the best network marketing platform on the market. I have seen results in network marketing since starting over 20 years ago. I would like to offer you this opportunity and help you see the many benefits of selling CBD oil and launching your own CBD home business.

According to FORBES, the cannabis industry is expected to grow by 700%, provide 250 million new jobs, and grow to be a $20 Billion dollar industry by 2020. With just over 2 years until these projections are reality, now is the time to hop on and join the “green rush”.

Many people from all over the world have adopted the Internet to use as a platform to make money from home. With the fast-paced growth of the newly established cannabis market and consider infusing the Internet, digital marketing and cannabis together, living your dreams of financial freedom is not pie in the sky.

How Do I Become A Distributor For CBD Oil

This network marketing business model is easy to get going, you don’t need to be an Internet technical guru to

Best CBD Home based oil business

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get set up. Hempworx Distributor plans provide you with an off-the-shelf business in a box, packed with all the business tools you require to get going. Firstly our business smartphone app gives you access to all our back-office tools such as tracking your sales and leads and access to your products. We provide a full starter kit that includes website landing pages so that you can easily get up and running in a couple minutes.

You literally just need to signup on our website and start selling. It is that easy. Selling CBD oil through our CBD oil business plan is straightforward and simple. We provide the business class services you require to be successful in a cut-throat market with lots of legal red tape. Being a leader in the growing Hemp industry by providing excellent quality products, backed by advanced online marketing systems, helping you build a sustainable business model that sells and pays.

CBD Oil business plan

There is no need to even set up a business plan as we do all the setup for you with a business in a box starter kit. All that you need to do is market the products you wish to sell your network of potential clients. My daily choice compensation plan is one of the best in the market and there is no better payout system, no caps and unlimited earning potential!!

We payout a generous 85% commission on total Business Volume ( BV ) to network marketers and this is backed by our unique rewards affiliate program. With 10 levels of Jump Start bonuses, the MyDailyChoice rewards program assists you generating a lot of front-end income while allowing you to grow your back end residual income. Our Jump Start Bonuses are paid weekly, while our Binary Teams Commissions are paid monthly.

“The MDC Binary is one of the most aggressive Binary plans in the entire Network Marketing industry. Not only does our comp plan pay up to 20% on your pay leg, but we are one of the only companies in the world that have a monthly earning potential of $1,000,000 per month with NO FLUSHING!”

We also have a leadership matching bonuses plan, and this really does separate us from the rest of the network marketing plans out there. You can earn up to 10 levels of matching bonuses, as your affiliate commissions grow, your leadership bonuses grow. This is another level of network marketing and allows you to grow your business from 1 to many affiliates in a matter of time. Allowing you to claim your commissions from many different revenue streams.

All these analytical affiliate marketing revenues are all backed by our state of the art tracking system that allows you to have a snapshot of your business at any given moment.

CBD Central

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How to become a hemp oil distributor

With all the cannabis technical jargon and legal regulations to access the market, HEMPWORX CBD oil business model suits even the most advanced network marketer. HempWorx Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is grown and manufactured in America. Further, we ensure that all legal requirements are met on a state and national level, by adhering to the “Federal Legal Limit” of 0.3% THC by dry weight.

Every batch of CBD oil products are 3rd party tested for purity and quality, upholding our company standards and ensuring the customer is receiving value for their money. We provide gas chromatography, potency, and antimicrobial tests, allowing customers to have peace of mind when using our products that you sell. Our industrial Hemp is grown by seasoned Kentucky farmers, who have pioneered best hemp farming practices for years.

We have an expert team of chemists and researchers who formulate products that are free from toxins like pathogens, molds and heavy metals. Ensuring your customers only receive high-quality hemp products, proudly made in America.

We provide you with 11 off the shelf high-quality legal hemp products. 6 tinctures, 3 topical treatments and two pet products are readily available for you to sell. We use only the best and safest extraction methods. Our closed-loop CO2 extraction system ensures a safe environment for CBD extraction and delivers only the best quality CBD oils without the potential for a harmful product. Our hemp oils are guaranteed to be solvent-free and one of the purest CBD extracts on the market.

What is Hemp

Hemp is essentially part of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Similar to marijuana, hemp is used for industrial applications such as fibre and oil. Hemp is differentiated from Marijuana as it contains less than 0.3% THC by volume and the majority of the cannabinoid profile is a cannabinoid known as cannabidiol ( CBD). CBD is one cannabinoid of over 85 found in the hemp plant and the potential of the therapeutic and medical benefits of this compound is huge. Although not verified by the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ), hemp is valued as a nutritional oil with many health and well-being outcomes. Many 3rd party tests have been conducted since the discovery of the CBD compound in the 1970’s, and the potential of this compound is still being investigated and verified. However, with public demand and many peoples personal positive feedback on the benefits CBD oil, we already know that the proof is in the pudding.

Hemp is without a doubt the best alternative therapeutic and nutritional supplement on the market. And once federal law catches up, the market is set to explode. Already much news is being aired about the changes of many states laws to incorporate both recreational and medical marijuana frameworks. California was the first state to regulate medical marijuana back in 1996 and recently this year allowed for the regulation of recreational marijuana. Almost half of all states in America have adjusted their laws to accommodate the massive public demand for cannabis oils.

CBD oils are already being sold nationwide and starting to make their way onto shelves in the rest of the world. Our products are distributed to your clients from our warehouse facility using a tried and tested platform, supporting thousands of network marketers like yourself. We take all the legwork away from product development, processing, packaging and branding and allow you to focus on what you are good at networking.

It is a very straightforward process to signup and become a MyDailyChoice reseller. Go through the starter pack, load your landing pages and start selling.

With the HempWORX network marketing plan, you can focus on marketing a leading industry cannabis brand and product, while leaving the farming and product development to us.

If you are serious about having financial freedom and working from home, the HEMPWORX and MYDAILYCHOICE network marketing and affiliate system could be just what you are looking for.

With a business in a box on signup, you can be up and be running selling real products to real people in a matter of minutes. No delays in getting legal assistance, product development. You can leave it all in our capable hands and get on with selling and networking.

There is no time like now to look into the cannabis industry, the “green rush” is in full swing and even traditional brick and mortar businesses are looking at capitalizing on the market. With growth expecting to reach billions in the next three years, become part of the mainstream cannabis industry and signup to making money online.

Don’t delay, jump on board with and rest assured you are selling a quality product that combines potency and purity for your client. With a team of affiliates behind you, you will receive residual income from the comfort of your home!

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