CBD Edibles and Gummies

Whichever way you choose to utilize it, there is no denying the unmistakable proven benefits of CBD. Best of all is the variety of products available to consumers. Edibles have risen to the occasion in a delicious and colorful array of edible consumables to satisfy any sweet tooth ranging from cookies and cakes to oils, lotions and is making waves in culinary circles. Of all these, the king of candy, the one that almost everyone remembers and is familiar with, the ever popular yummy gummy is here to stay. CBD Gummies have over the years been reinvented and repackaged to keep up with the times, but for the most part people still love the bear! Adding CBD to this already yummy treat has firmly cemented its place in the world of edibles.

There are many varieties of edibles available that give you the option of either choosing a THC, CBD or a combination of both, in that case the CBD:THC ratio will depend on the patient’s needs. Many Medicinal Marijuana users tend to turn to CBD Edibles like CBD Gummies for especially pain management. And let’s face it, although they are described as “earthy” in taste, some oils can be a near assault on the taste buds!

CBD-(cannabidiol) has been extensively researched and proven to assist in regulating the ECS (endocannabinoid system)

Clinically validated cannabidiol relieves chronic pain, depression, seizures, inflammation and epilepsy to mention but a few, while other users are looking for the general health and wellness benefits offered by this natural plant, without the buzz/high from THC.

Keep in mind that when consumed (eaten), CBD it is processed by the liver, hence people generally experience a much quicker and stronger onset. Some products may contain up to 500MG of CBD per bottle and others up to 25 mg of CBD per gummy. That may not sound like a lot but in terms of CBD, strength that is a substantial amount. It is important that this information is stipulated to ensure you know what you are getting.

Hemp oils have also joined the edible market, however, manufacturers have to process humongous amounts of it in order to get sufficient amounts of CBD.

It is important to only buy from legitimate and reputable manufacturers with transparent extraction methods that offer a quality, preferably organic, and natural product that is also naturally flavored.

Some extraction methods can carry through dangerous chemical residues down to the final product so take note to ensure your favorite edible is free from Synthetic chemicals and pesticides.

There are manufactures who offer vegan and GMO free edibles in a variety of delicious fruity flavors like peach or apple that contain up to 20mg of CBD. For many consumers this is enough to sustain them for most of the day when they need it. That is another benefit of CBD. People can have their dose of pain relief and still be able to continue with their professional careers, not hampered by the side effects associated with many conventional treatments. This has hugely eased the stigma associated with alternative medication. Now easing your pain, can be as simple as clicking and picking your favorite color CBD Gummies and CBD Edibles.

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