CBD oil for dogs

CBD for dogsBottom line is CBD oil or other CBD pet products are an excellent nutritional supplement for your best friend. CBD for dogs is usually extracted from the variety of cannabis sativa known as hemp. Hemp contains little to no THC, the cannabinoid that is psychoactive, and will not make your pet “high”.

Although all mammalian creatures contain an endocannabinoid system, animals are a lot smaller and their systems are designed a little differently. This is the reason why you should only purchase commercially available pet products that have established cannabis industry brands and specifically manufactured for pets.

Bailey’s CBD Oil For Dogs 300MG 30ML Full Spectrum Hemp Derived Tincture are highly recommended. Made from non-GMO organically grown Hemp. Grown for medical purposes, not textile. Pet CBD products can be used as a daily supplement. Specially formulated to help canines with any pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, age related issues, and overall health & wellness.”

CBD is very beneficial for animals and is well known when used responsibly to positively influence health in any dog. Dogs that suffer from anxiety or separation issues significantly benefit from reduced stress when treated with CBD oil.

CBD can further treat epilepsy or seizures in dogs when administered correctly and has many beneficial Cannabis for dogspain management properties for animals. Cannabis has also been reportedly able to relieve the symptoms and pain associated with inflammatory bowel disease and restore the gut to its normal mobility. This is due to the beneficial anti-inflammatory properties in cannabis and especially CBD.

There are many other benefits that dogs can experience through including CBD in their daily diet. Whether its dog chewables, tinctures or oils there are many CBD product options available to the consumer that will improve the health and wellness of their pet.

The most encouraging point about CBD is that it is safe to use and consume for pets. CBD products are legal in all 50 states for both human and animal consumption. It is always best to speak with a healthcare professional or veterinarian before including CBD as a supplement for a balanced healthy diet.


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