Effectively Treating Opiate and Alcohol Addiction

Almost everyone has at some point in their lives experienced physical pain. Back pain, a broken limb, post-surgery recovery, to mention but a few. For many, physical pain can even manifest or be associated to Mental or Emotional issues that in turn cause migraines, tension headaches, blurred vision, and even aching joints. Conventional treatments generally focus on over the counter medications and the sad reality is that prescription opiates often times consumed with alcohol, have the potential to be highly addictive. And so the vicious cycle of addiction starts.

The solution at hand is in a revolutionary treatment developed by Dr. Sion Nobel M.D. that helps people successfully overcome their addictions, by targeting and eliminating the cravings that drive their addiction. With Accelerated Treatment Systems, developed by Dr. Nobel and his professional medical team of experts in the fields of addiction, patient recovery starts within a couple of hours after receiving a tiny medical implant (pellet), as part of their fully supportive service in treating patients addicted to Opiates and Alcohol.

Opiate treatement systemThe success rate of Conventional treatments for Alcohol and Opiate addictions, largely depends on patient participation, and is also the reason why so many addicts relapse. The fact is that many professionals fail to recognize the importance of treating the actual physical addiction in a manner that will support the patient physically. This means not only alleviating the symptoms and cravings, but actually suppressing the disease (addiction). This is a major hurdle and often times, the reason that patients fail. The actual physical dependency is overwhelming and let’s face it, most of us can hardly do without that first cup of java in the morning. People addicted to alcohol and opiates experience the same craving, x 10, only for something stronger than caffeine. Another factor that contributes to these addictions not being treated adequately is that a large percentage of patience addictions are not rooted in psychological issues, but stem from genetics and lifestyle and manifest so to speak, within that lifestyle. The unfortunate thing is that by the time the person realizes or comes to terms with their addiction, it has been over an extended period of time, in some cases decades. Many of these patients are professionals in their respective fields, avoiding conventional treatments due to stigma and are unable to take the time “off” (20+days) to deal with their addiction. This is where Dr. Nobel and Accelerated Treatment Systems steps in.

Dr. Sion Nobel’s 90 day treatment plan is focused around a program that incorporates a personal, FREE in-house assessment, detox treatment (if needed), the painless implant procedure that only takes a couple of minutes, and follow up support, that includes an online aftercare App to assist patients during recovery. After the initial assessment, should the patient require a detox, this will be medically assisted with Dr. Nobel and he’s team, through ‘comfort medication’ to ease any pain and anxiety as well as a in-office IV supplement infusion with enhancers like Glutathione, to strengthen the patient’s immune system, supporting the medical implant that will assist with their Immediate physical dependency and ensure Maximum results. With this, Personally Managed by Dr. Nobel, Medical Program, and his qualified team, the patient can focus on the psychological aspect of their addiction and dealing with behavior modification that is crucial to recovery, whilst benefitting from the immediate results of the treatment. No cravings in a matter of hours, giving you the tools to take control of your life.

Insurance is accepted but limited to individual schemes. Visit www.acceleratedtreatmentsystems.com, or call 800-634-0599 to learn more about their financing options and availability in your state.

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