Pure CBD Crumble (93%) – Koko Kush


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Terpene infused full spectrum crumble with a multi-ratio profile containing cannabidiol and cannabigerol. Koko Kush has flavour notescommonly found in Mango Kush and this is largely influenced by the terpene Myrcene.

Canavape® Extracts crumble contains both CBG and CBD at optimum ratios. Our crumble also contains CBDv in small amounts. Canavape® Extracts can be melted and vaporised using a dab rig, wax/crumble pen or similar device specifically designed for this purpose. Packed full of beneficial terpenes offering the entourage effect.

Canavape® Extracts crumble contains a minimum of 425 mg. CBD + 42.5 mg. CBG per 500 mg. Each serving exceeds a total purity of over 93% however typically over 98% as demonstrated during manufacturing and testing.

We advise caution if operating a flame heated dab rig to over 200 degrees as with any flame heated device! We recommend only D.I.Y mixers with a knowledge of creating a cannabinoid liquids use this product in a PG:VG solution. Store at room temperature and out of direct light. Once in use store your tub in its air-tight resealable extracts sachet.