Pure CBD Crumble (93%)


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A terpene infused, full-spectrum crumble with a multi-ratio profile containing over 93% CBD.
One of the purest CBD products on the market, Canavape’s CBD Crumble is available in four different flavours, all with their own unique flavour profiles.
Granddaddy Purple flavour notes are known to echo a complexity of grape and berry aromas alongside a prominent note delivered by the same terpene found in the lavender plant.
Girl Scout Cookies flavour notes are known to echo an intense bouquet of flowers with sweet tones of cookie dough. The terpene profile hails from an indica dominant hybrid deriving classic kush genetics.
Koko Kush flavour notes are known to echo a complexity of the Mango Kush marijuana strain which some insist tastes similar to the actual mango fruit. You will notice a strong & distinct kush flavor and hints of pine on the exhale.
Finally, The White Widow terpene profile is an absolute classic and has delightful aroma with a pungent and earthy after note.