6 Reasons Why It’s Better to Vaporize Cannabis Instead of Smoking It

More than 30% of Canadians say they would smoke cannabis if it were legalized, and more than 20% of Canadians already do consume marijuana on a daily basis, according to Statistics Canada. Many of the would-be users in Canada and the U.S. are interested in the recent information being released regarding the possible health benefits. Now that Mother Earths’ favourite plant has been popularized again after its long history of being renounced, criminalized, regulated, protested against and outright prohibited since 1920, Cannabis, known to a lot of the world as a miraculous medicinal plant, is used across the globe to treat ailments from Parkinson’s Disease, seizures, fibromyalgia to Crohn’s Disease. If health benefits are the main objective, it begs the question “why not vaporize your weed?”. If you are on the fence between the two evils of vaping or burning, here are reasons why vaping weed is the better option.

Dry Herb Vaporizer UK

If you are considering buying a weed vaporizer in Canada and aren’t sure why vaping weed is healthier than smoking weed, consider the list of 6 reasons below.

  1. Hazardous Carcinogens

    1. Production: The most damaging part of smoking Cannabis is the combustion, which is your first step of lighting up the dry herb. Whether you are rolling a joint, packing a bowl or pipe, you’ll be creating an ignition point burning your herb at temperatures of 400-580 degrees C, only to rise up around 700 degrees C while you’re inhaling the toxic particles.

    2. Elimination: Vaporizing weed is a method of applying a controlled heat and vaporizing the valuable cannabinoids and terpenes of the herb before combustion through a controlled flameless heat. It is the safest manner of administering the therapeutic benefits minus the carcinogenic compounds of burning the dry herb.

  1. Better for your long term and immediate health

  • Vaporizing weed serves as a less-irritating alternative and consequently has sparked the interest of researchers and governments alike for years.

  • A 2010 study, that carefully researched the lives of regular cannabis smokers, with different respiratory issues, and having them alternatively vaporize their herb for 30 days to monitor any changes, revealed each participant had improved respiratory systems and overall better lung health. The study cautions that it necessarily mean that vapor can “heal” damage done by regular smoking and lung irritation, but rather used as an alternative, vaping allows the lungs the opportunity to self-repair.

  1. Discreet – Ever catch a whiff of something walking down the street?

How many times have you walked down the street, into the stairway of your complex, or into the parking garage and just caught a whiff of something quite—herbal, peppery, or even sweet?

That’s because when a weed vaporizer is used to consume the cannabis, most of the emissions produced through the alternative burning method are removed. You also don’t need to carry around a bag or a Ziploc with you herb inside when you can just pack bud or a dab of your concentrate into your portable weed vaporizer—Canada has been ahead of the game when it comes to devices; with systems now being available as a full kit, or even a screw on attachment for your pre-existing e-cigarette. There are many options and you will be able to find something that fits your needs.

Brands who have been making parts for Cannabis derivatives have only improved their devices over time; whether you have a Yocan, Dr Dabber, Pulsar or Pax, each company has a device that will give you a sufficient toke. The largest misconception of vaporizing cannabis is that the thinner the cloud from your exhale means you are getting less smoke; in turn you aren’t getting as much ‘smoke’ since the method is not igniting or cooking the herb as high you aren’t getting any unnecessary smoke in your lungs.

The aroma that you smell and taste will be much stronger, but it will not carry after you’ve exhaled so you can expect the clouds to dissipate much quicker than the potential ‘Hot-Box’ that chain smoking joints would create.

  1. Terpenes and flavors will be stronger

As we mentioned before the terpenes that get released from the herb when you vaporize will be much stronger and more intense. This is mainly due to each strain of cannabis having different terpenes. These ‘Terpene-Profiles’ vary in smell, taste, and effects on the body, from being focused and alert, to being sedated and relaxed. As you heat the herb when you vaporize it the temperatures will rise and being that each of the six terpenes have varying boiling points; between 155-198 degrees C (311-388 Deg F) to render the effects desired you’ll want to make sure that your device isn’t cooking the bud at too high of a temperature. When you reach the sweet spot, the taste and feeling of your toke will be ready to blow away your expectations—they really have little comparison to when you light your joint.

  1. More cost effective

You might find the habit to be a little pricey at times. Vaporizing your cannabis; being able to feel the effects of the cannabinoids and therapeutic effects to the fullest—you will likely find yourself taking a little less or taking more time in between sessions, making it easier for any conservation that you might want of your product. When you can save more on your herb you can save more on your stress.

Getting started with a device can be a little scary at first with all the different brand-names and models, but that’s nothing you can’t overcome by learning more about the products online with a large variety of websites or at your favourite vape shop.

  1. The effects are emphasized

Using a cannabis vaporizer in Canada has never been easier. Things are well on their way to a form of regulation, and people around every corner of the Great White North enjoy their herbal medication to their specifications and needs. Doctors are inclined, now more than ever to prescribe and offer dosage recommendations. There is no better way to control your levels of THC and CBD than a vaporizing method.

The psychoactive effects only get stronger in the time that they are being ‘brewed’ or ‘cooked’ on your coil in your vaporizer, and since there is no carcinogens or tar being brought into your body, you’ll be feeling far less pressure or strain when you take a puff, allowing for more cannabinoids to reach your bloodstream. Because vaping is the fastest and safest system of delivery, people have been opting to changeover so that they can fully appreciate the effects of their Cannabinoids.

The next time you find yourself enjoying a nicely rolled joint or smoking a bong with your friends; and are wondering how you can ensure that you have a consistent dosage of your cannabis puff to puff, remember that there are products available meant to assist you with the ability to control the power behind your device in order to ensure the results you are looking for. If you happen to be in the Downtown, Toronto area, we would be delighted to make sure that you get the help you need in finding the device for you, and you can also check out our website;

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