There are so many merchants, traders and snake-oil peddlers entering the cannabis market. Not all CBD is the same quality, potency or made to ethical standards. Many CBD consumers are fast being taken for their dollars and cents, soon to realize that they have just purchased a sub-standard product. Below we will discuss pharmaceutical grade CBD products that are superior in quality and their benefits using the latest technology and quality hemp.

Many doctors, researchers and scientists are providing positive results in peer-reviewed studies that support the many medicinal benefits of cannabis. The reason for this is that the cold hard truth is cannabis is more than a nutritional supplement, but also a potential medicinal treatment. In fact, as recently as last year the US Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) finally approved its first CBD based medicine. Epidiolex was approved by the FDA in July 2018 and is a treatment for rare epileptic conditions such as Dravet Syndrome.

CBD benefitsCannabis is one of the oldest listed medicines known to mankind and was first documented by the Chinese around 3000BC in their book of Pharmacopoeia used to treat gout and pain. Since then it has been widely used as a treatment for a range of conditions and illnesses. Since the worlds laws have been changing, cannabinoids are fast becoming the therapeutic, medicinal “drug” of choice for many patients and cannabis consumers.

There are so many “CBD” products on the market but as consumers we have to be wary of purchasing products off online shops. Reputable retailers such as  M Brands and MCBD ensure the quality and authenticity of their product through hands-on experience. The Davidson duo of the father Richard and daughter Kayla have long been working in the wellness and branding industry. They have sourced only the finest locally sourced hemp cannabis products that meet their high expectations and pharmaceutical grade standards.

“Our belief stands true that “all hemp is not created equal”, which means that not all CBD is the same. We’ve proven it in our products.”

MCBD offers you tinctures, salves, softgels and pet tinctures all enriched with THC and other important cannabinoids. MCBD products are phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) as they contain not just other cannabinoids but also flavonoids and terpenes.

MCBD products contains no psychoactive compounds and THC is actually removed during the extraction process. Because they contain no THC, MCBD products are legal across all 50 states. What is more, MCBD provides free shipping on all products straight to your door.




Both Richard and Kayla Davidson have key principles that they run their CBD business by:

– Education to their community about CBD
– Discounts to our veterans, military, first responders and educators.
– Top quality CBD products at below standard prices.
– Developing the CBD product range further through strategic partnerships.
– Procure a complete range of top quality CBD products.

hemp field daughter and father

“Try the Davidson’s 30-day risk-free satisfaction guarantee offer. Use any MCBD products for 30 days. If you’re not satisfied with the results, we will give you a full refund. Visit MCBDshop  to experience the benefits of the best CBD products.”

Joe Rogan discusses the benefits of CBD in studio. Have a listen!

Undoubtedly there are many benefits to CBD and not just for people suffering from pain, anxiety, insomnia or one of the many other ailments or conditions it may treat. But many business and sportys professionals are turning to CBD to increase their performance on and off the field. CBD has impressive pain management and anti-inflammatory properties and therefore speeds up the reocvery time of overexerted mucles and joints.

Because MCBD products are rich in other cannabinoids or PCR, you will also experience the “entourage effect”. A phrase coined after it was realized by investigating scientists that most cannabinoids and terpenes work in a synergy and have compounded benefits when used together in combination.

Salves are also a great way to use CBD. The skin is the largest organ in the human body and is also part of the endocannbinoid system ( ECS ) . Our ECS is responsible for daily bodily functions such as movement, mood, appetite and even memory and comprises of both our immune and central nervous system. Tiny receptors that interact with cannabinoids like CBD are located within our skin and absorbs  the CBD compound into our bloodstream.


  1. Addiction Recovery
  2. Anti-Inflammatory Effects
  3. Anxiety Medication
  4. CBD Boosts Your Overall Health
  5. CBD Does Not Get You High
  6. CBD Does Not Show Up On Drug Tests
  7. CBD Naturally Occurs In Your Body
  8. CBD Relieves Joint Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia, and More
  9. Daily Use Is Beneficial Whether You’re Healthy or Sick
  10. Ease Cancer Treatment
  11. Improved Focus
  12. Insomnia Treatment
  13. M Brands Hemp is Organically Grown in Colorado
  14. MCBD is Legal is All 50 states
  15. Mental Clarity
  16. Muscle Recovery
  17. Pain Relief
  18. Skin Clarification
  19. You Don’t Need a Doctor or Medical Card
  20. MCBD Is Available Here



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