Mild CBD Oil (2.5%)




All CBD oil is not created to the same high standard and level of purity. Cibdol CBD is 100% natural, and the gold standard for organic CBD oil. Exclusively sourced from sustainable hemp in the EU, Cibdol provide golden-grade CBD oil via a proprietary filtration process in Swiss laboratories. Cibdol CBD oil is also rich in beneficial terpenes. 

What sets Cibdol CBD oils apart from all others is a fusion of organic, non-GMO, and chemical-free ingredients with 21st century science to create a top-quality product. Cibdol never cut corners and don’t isolate for crystalline CBD because they understand the power of the whole hemp plant. 

Cibdol CBD oil has an olive oil base, making it perfect for ingestion and/or topical application. Similarly, hemp seed CBD oil is endowed with all of the natural healing power of hemp extract. All of Cibdol CBD products are non-psychoactive and produced to the Cibdol gold standard.