CBD massage therapyFrom the moon and the stars, to chocolate peanut butter cookies, some things are just meant to be together. CBD and Massage are no exception. Being far more than a romantic notion, this is indeed, the ‘Perfect Marriage’!!

Any doubts surrounding the Medicinal benefits and efficacy of Cannabis/Hemp, has long since been dispelled by the sheer magnitude of well-documented, public and private sector support, in the form of reviews and feedback from pioneering companies such as Leafly, supported by (continuous) scientific research and findings, that has firmly cemented and rooted CBD as a safe and natural anodyne.

With topical application, cannabidiol does not penetrate the bloodstream. A cannabis infused massage is suitable for anyone and everyone. The only thing that is going to get you high with pure Medicinal CBD is, the power of suggestion. Instead, the CBD compound assists by providing therapeutic, restorative and relaxing support to the muscles, allowing the physical/massage therapist, to penetrate deeper, without causing any [additional] discomfort or pain. This is especially beneficial when treating sports or serious accident related injuries that could potentially affect the patient’s job, health and general well-being, by reducing the recovery time.

What is sometimes affectionately referred to by many as “CBD for the Soul”, is a (combination of) CBD-infused treatments that aim to adjust and/or repair imbalances within the body. CBD naturally interacts and supports the body’s endocrine system, that is responsible for regulating many of our essential (to function!) functions. A blend of

CBD oil is also used at many health facilities to hydrate skin, reduce the redness and sting that may be as a result of chemicals used in certain beauty treatments like waxing, bleaching, facials, manicures and pedicures.

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Written by Maritza Jay

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