What are the benefits of using CBD oil for your pets?

So far we learned about the derivation of CBD oil and its wide usage in the animal industry due to its numerous benefits. Before we proceed to discuss the various advantageous benefits of CBD oil, let’s recall that it is a medicinal herb that comes out of the plant extract of the hemp plant, a member of the cannabis family. It offers a lot of benefits to your whole family including your pet dog most importantly. The bottom line is, CBD oil could be a healthy or even a life-saving oil your dog. Let’s know them one by one.

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1. CBD oil helps treat seizures and epilepsy attacks

Generally, the medicines given to treat seizures and epilepsy come with a series of side effects on other parts of the body especially the liver and heart. For dogs who suffer from such kinds of diseases are given a heavy dosage of medicines such as phenobarbital and potassium bromide. CBD oil on the other hands reduces the need of giving such risky medicines to treat seizures and epilepsy. Thus, it’s a miraculous oil which will help seizures without causing any side effects on the liver. CBD has also appeared to shield the mind from cell damage caused by free radicals and poisons.

2. CBD oil helps in relieving pain

The cannabinoids in CBD work so well for pain relief that researchers are thinking about it as another class of medication for the treatment of ceaseless agony. Studies demonstrate CBD to be exceptionally successful for:

  • Diminishing neuropathic pain and nerve-related agony
  • Diminishing the effect of irritation on oxidative pressure which causes degeneration and untimely maturing
  • Treating sprains, muscle pulls, broken bones and torn ligaments.
  • Diminishing irritation of intense pancreatitis
  • Lessening aggravation
  • Lessening intestinal aggravation (related to bad-tempered gut sickness)

3. CBD oil helps in increasing appetite

Another difficulty with some dogs is that they hardly eat and as a result, their growth is not as good as it should be. If this difficulty is with your pet as well, then CBD oil is a good option to boost your dog’s appetite. Plus, it is unlike other appetite increasing drugs which have bad effects such as vomits and nausea.

4. CBD oil can prevent and cure cancer

The studies have shown that the substances found in CBD oil and other parts of the cannabis contain anti-tumor properties in them. CBD oil has been successful in fighting cancer and brain tumors as well. It gradually kills the cancer-causing cells and builds the body’s immunity to fight off well.

5. CBD oil is good for the heart too

Some dog owners complain fear and anxiety in their dogs. This could be due to some heart ailment. Few vets around the world have started using CBD oil and seen a reduction in irregular heart rates, heart damage, better blood circulation and a maintained blood pressure in dogs. These things when managed automatically cure anxiety and mood swings in dogs.


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