What is Cannabidiol (CBD)

CBD is a molecule that is primarily found in the variety of cannabis sativa known as hemp. Although it is also found in “marijuana” strains of cannabis sativa, the volume is significantly less than in hemp.

CBD is a cannabinoid that is mainly extracted from hemp and found in abundance in the flowers during harvest season. Once extracted it is infused into a number of other products from edibles, e-juices, sprays, through to gel capsules. The most common form of CBD product is CBD oil or hemp oil. It is a very versatile product that may be used sublingually or ingested for best effect.

The evidence from peer-reviewed studies are mounting up about both the medical and theraputic effects of CBD oil. It has been claimed and verified that CBD is very effective for treatment of pain and inflammation as well as a host of other conditions and illnesses. CBD is also not psychoactive and will therefore not make you feel “high”. In fact, CBD is an antidote for the psychotropic effects of high THC strains commonly found in marijuana plants. For more infomation have a look at the studies about CBD from buycannabidiolcbdoil and really understand the benefits of this amazing miracle cannabinoid.

Since the US Food and Drug Administration has approved their first CBD based medicine known as Epidiolex, we will see alot more news about the medical benefits of this cannabis compound in the coming years. And although CBD has been misunderstood in the past, with the development of technology and the passing of the Farm Bill there will be alot more research into the exact ways CBD binds to our bodies. CBD oil reviews


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